Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Eric and I went out to Vegas for my birthday weekend and had an amazing time. We went and saw Lion King. I loved it so much! The costumes and the beautiful voices everyone had made it fantastic.

Before the show and during intermission we went to the sports book at Mandalay Bay and were able to catch a few minutes of the game. It was fun because people were really into the games and everyone went wild when their teams made good plays. Love March Madness.

We had fun hanging out with the family. Some of our activities included:

Uncle Eric play time


Easter Egg Hunts


Cake (tres leches that is)

And Pinata!
 It was an amazing birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it so special.

Friday, March 12, 2010

TV Star

Well this doesn't happen everyday. I was offered a spot as a "character" on a reality tv show tonight.

I got a call from one of my friends asking me if I wanted to be apart of this show. His partner is a celebrity designer and is filming a pilot about him traveling and giving women makeovers; letting them know how a red carpet moment feels like. They wanted me to be the assistant on camera and off. Sounds like a really cool experience. The only catch was that they were leaving to go film the very next morning and would be gone for 10 days in an RV. So I had to turn it down since it was so last minute and could not change my work schedule. I thought it was pretty cool though that they thought of me and consider me "camera friendly."

Kinda sad I had to turn it down, but might be for the best. Just my luck it will be the number 1 show on Bravo or something.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Catch Up

Here are so random things that have been going on since I last posted 5 months ago:

-We Moved! We moved into an apartment in Torrance at the end of October. We love it and we are in a great ward.

-Eric is in the Young Men's teaching the priests, and I am in the Young Women's over the Beehives.

-Eric and I went to New York

-Eric won the Rice Family Decathlon during Christmas. I was a little upset by this, I thought I had a real shot; darn pine cone toss.

-My brother Jordan got his mission call, and is now in the MTC, going to Sao Paulo Brasil Interlagos Mission.

-Eric and I have discovered the wonders of the Library. Who knew they had so many great dvds?

-My sister, Kristin got married in December up in Oakland. So excited for her and Cuba. We had a fun time in San Fransico and can't wait to go back.

-My nephew Luke, likes Eric a lot. I told Luke that I loved him and he replied back, "Ya, I love Eric a lot." Don't worry that boy loves me and lets me know. Milesy has taken to calling me "Ommey", he thinks its so funny.

Thats all I can think of, and hope to be a better blogger in the future.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New York

Eric and I celebrated our anniversary back in September by going to New York City.
It was amazing! I want to go back as soon as possible. We had great weather and an amazing time.
We saw West Side Story, went to a taping of Jimmy Fallon, took a row boat out at Central Park, ate a lot of amazing food, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, rode bikes in Central Park, went to the Met, walked a lot, and so much more!

Here are some pics from our trip, sadly we kinda forgot to get some of ourselves.