Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catch Up

Well, I am a very bad blogger. So as Heidi puts it here is some blog vomit.

Eric and I got married September 20th in the LA temple. Thank you to my amazing family for putting my wedding together... you guys were amazing.

Then we went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. It was so beautiful. There was tons of animals everywhere, we saw a volcano spewing out lava, and the raccoons loved me.

Now we are in Vegas; life is great. I love my job, love being married, and love life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I thought I would post some pictures of Eric and me for my blog readers. (I think besides family there are 3 other people...) Anyways, Heidi took pictures for us 4th of July weekend and I love them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kinda a Big Deal

I thought I should take the time to write about a very important event in my life...

I got engaged to Eric Rice on May 17th!
And I couldn't be any happier.
I am so excited to marry Eric and I love him so much.

Who knew this could happen to me, let me tell you, awkward 16-17 year old Whitney never thought so. Travis knows better than anyone my teenage anguish... all in vain.

Well I am the happiest I have ever been, life is just simply great, and I hope to see everyone on September 20, 2008 for my wedding!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Champ status.

I know that I talk a lot about how much I love my family, and that my sister Heidi is talented, but this blog will show that the proof is in the red velvet.

Well it starts out that I was joking around with my sister and told her for my birthday that I wanted a red velvet armadillo cake like the one in the 1989 classic film, Steel Magnolias. Well Mrs. Snyder took upon this challenge and created a four layer red velvet cake for me. The actual armadillo did not work out, but in hindsight I am really glad cause I would have felt dirty eating it.

The four layer cake was so rich that I was done after one small slice (and for anyone who knows me, it takes a lot for me to tap out when eating something delicious) It was amazing. What even made the cake even better was the fact that I had to take it back to California with me in a cooler with armadillo drawings, and warnings of a live armadillo inside.

Best cake I have ever had.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thank You

In music, it is hard to find a complete amazing album, but when you do it's pure gold. Especially when the music scene is filled with junk like Low by Flo Rida, Taylor Swift, and don't forget Miley Cyrus. Yikes. So I want to say a thank you to those albums that I treasure.

Plans- Death Cab for Cutie (Known as my high school phase, whining to Travis, asking if "Someday if I will be loved")

In Rainbows- Radiohead (Perfect mix of soft, hard, perfect mood music)

Unplugged- Mana (this just makes me happy)

Guero- Beck = Summer

Finding Forever- Common (Real Hip-Hop)

*Honorable Mention- Continuum- John Mayer (I love this album, but I am a little hesitant, just because I absolutely despise the song Waiting on the World to Change, really? His worst song.)

Anyways, I am always looking for good new music, and for the wonderful complete albums of bliss.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Baking Nightmare

I would like to share an experience of my recent quest to be well rounded and girlish. I decided to follow in my mother's footsteps and make her famous sugar cookies for valentine's day. Yikes. They failed terribly. First the dough tasted too salty and did not mix well. (Just letting you know I followed the reciepe exactly) Then I baked them too long, so that they were heart shaped bricks. I considered constructing a heart house out of them with frosting; but did not follow through, thank goodnes. Well the frosting... How could I get that wrong, its on the bag. Yep, I messed that up too. I tried so hard, even put on a apron to help harness some baking powers; but alas it was in vain.

I have learned that I am the only Ghent who lacks cooking abilities. I guess that's okay. My strengths lie in other areas...
Naming celebrities
Name that tune

(Looking at this I think I might have a disablility, that I can only succeed in E channel business)

Let's just pray I can find someone that does not have taste buds.