Friday, January 30, 2009

Only at BYU-Idaho

Being on campus, I realized there are some things that I think I will experience and see at BYU-Idaho.

1. Kids walking around with arrows in their backpack. I was unaware that BYU-I was creating a legion of elves from LOTR.

2. Random girl walking outside, singing at the top of her lungs. Step aside Fräulein Maria, looks like you got some competition.

3.Unicycle boy. Some of those bikes are massive.

4. Poster in the health center "Thinking about starting a family? Then eat these vegetables."

5. Babies.

6. Pleasant employees. Charming smile, polite, enthusiastic conversation.

7. Large population of Pacific North westerners. How can I tell you may ask? Simple. Fleece, carabiner, new balance, cliff bar, and REI water bottle.

These small and simple things have only added to my joy of attending school here. You never know what you are going to see...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged: Right now

So I was lurking and realized that Heidi tagged me in her blog. So I am copying her blog, which is a copy of Kate's blog.

Right now I love...
Fuji apples. delicious

Mail. Eric's mom sent us a Hickory Farms package, which was a delicious surprise. Those cheese balls are the devil, so good, I can't stop.

Pell Grants. This was a huge blessing! We got money for our tuition and books. Yay for free money.

Crock pots. Makes cooking so much easier.

Random songs...
Mark Morrison- Return of the Mac
Feist- Inside and Out
Finley Quaye- Even After All
Gloria Estefan- Betcha say that
Ray LaMontange- You are the best thing
The Killers- Day and Age Album

I do not like

Treadmills. I wish I could go run outside right now, but below freezing weather is not the best for running. I would give anything to go run on the strand. I hate the treadmill, because I am stuck; it also doesn't feel accurate.

Classy 97.3 This is the radio station that plays at work. Everyday these songs are guaranteed to play...
John Mayer- Say
Natasha Betingfield- Pocket of Sunshine
David Cook
Kelly Clarkson
Keith Urban
Daniel Powter- Bad Day

Homework. Research. Reading.

COLD WEATHER. our car wouldn't start this morning. They cancelled the surrounding schools, but BYU-I remained open. My feet are permanently frozen.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bye Sin City, Welcome America's Family Town

So Eric and I moved back up to Rexburg this week for our final year up here. Thank goodness. Even though Rexburg is kinda lame because of the snow and there is nothing around, there are some positives.

Things I like about Rexburg:
1. Our apartment is really nice (this is very important because to be stuck in a dump in Idaho surrounded by snow is kinda depressing)
2. I love my job. I am a receptionist for the school and everyone is really nice, I can wear whatever I want, and they let me do my homework.
3.Excited for my classes, some are going to be really interesting and fun.
4. seeing old friends

Things I miss about Las Vegas:
1. It's Vegas, so much to do!
2. Being close to family
3. Anthropologie (so much fun to work there, discount wasn't to bad either)
4. Seeing the strip from our apartment
5. Nice weather

Also Eric's parents helped move us up so they had fun with them this past weekend. We drove up to Jackson Hole. Really pretty drive, but as soon as we got up there we walked around for a couple of minutes and got in the car; it was -10.