Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Eric and I went out to Vegas for my birthday weekend and had an amazing time. We went and saw Lion King. I loved it so much! The costumes and the beautiful voices everyone had made it fantastic.

Before the show and during intermission we went to the sports book at Mandalay Bay and were able to catch a few minutes of the game. It was fun because people were really into the games and everyone went wild when their teams made good plays. Love March Madness.

We had fun hanging out with the family. Some of our activities included:

Uncle Eric play time


Easter Egg Hunts


Cake (tres leches that is)

And Pinata!
 It was an amazing birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it so special.


kate said...

Happy Birthday...glad it was a fun one! :)

Kristen said...

Hey Whit! You know I'm so excited to see some badminton- glad you had a great birthday!

Jessica Pless said...

Whitney!! I'm so glad we found each others blogs! (well technically you found mine...potato, patato...) I love your pictures! I didn't know you went to Costa Rica on your honeymoon. Mike and I went there last year and loved it. I would totally live there! What area did you visit?

So glad you are in the ward and good luck with this week!