Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tagged: Right now

So I was lurking and realized that Heidi tagged me in her blog. So I am copying her blog, which is a copy of Kate's blog.

Right now I love...
Fuji apples. delicious

Mail. Eric's mom sent us a Hickory Farms package, which was a delicious surprise. Those cheese balls are the devil, so good, I can't stop.

Pell Grants. This was a huge blessing! We got money for our tuition and books. Yay for free money.

Crock pots. Makes cooking so much easier.

Random songs...
Mark Morrison- Return of the Mac
Feist- Inside and Out
Finley Quaye- Even After All
Gloria Estefan- Betcha say that
Ray LaMontange- You are the best thing
The Killers- Day and Age Album

I do not like

Treadmills. I wish I could go run outside right now, but below freezing weather is not the best for running. I would give anything to go run on the strand. I hate the treadmill, because I am stuck; it also doesn't feel accurate.

Classy 97.3 This is the radio station that plays at work. Everyday these songs are guaranteed to play...
John Mayer- Say
Natasha Betingfield- Pocket of Sunshine
David Cook
Kelly Clarkson
Keith Urban
Daniel Powter- Bad Day

Homework. Research. Reading.

COLD WEATHER. our car wouldn't start this morning. They cancelled the surrounding schools, but BYU-I remained open. My feet are permanently frozen.


Shelly said...

You are hilarious Whitney. Please don't check our weather today. It's pretty darn nice today and this week. Rachel keeps telling me it's fine. She said it was fine when we know it was 10 degrees there. I think she likes BYU-I. I will feel more grateful running on the strand. Even though I don't like to run period. Take care. Love, Shelly

kate said...

I'm kind of crazy about Hickory Farms. It's a Christmas present I always want but never ask for.

Some solutions to your treadmill woes (thanks to Hamilton's aversion to the jogging stroller, I've had to adapt): cover the timer/mileage with a towel then listen to five (or whatever) songs before you can "peek." Doing timed workouts (like 2 min on, 2 min off) also helps.

Good luck in the snow! Luckily your newlywed bliss should keep you warm :).

master said...

cheese balls and a rip quest?

I don't think so:)

You must embrace the treadmill. I have done so and I feel so much more at peace.

Kathryn said...

Wow! Two fun mail days, a package and $! As for your feet, I will send you some feet warmers but that is what a husband's feet and calves are for.

kels said...

pell grants!!! that's the reason we're alive right now :). ps this is kelsey mcgregor-perry ;)