Monday, January 5, 2009

Bye Sin City, Welcome America's Family Town

So Eric and I moved back up to Rexburg this week for our final year up here. Thank goodness. Even though Rexburg is kinda lame because of the snow and there is nothing around, there are some positives.

Things I like about Rexburg:
1. Our apartment is really nice (this is very important because to be stuck in a dump in Idaho surrounded by snow is kinda depressing)
2. I love my job. I am a receptionist for the school and everyone is really nice, I can wear whatever I want, and they let me do my homework.
3.Excited for my classes, some are going to be really interesting and fun.
4. seeing old friends

Things I miss about Las Vegas:
1. It's Vegas, so much to do!
2. Being close to family
3. Anthropologie (so much fun to work there, discount wasn't to bad either)
4. Seeing the strip from our apartment
5. Nice weather

Also Eric's parents helped move us up so they had fun with them this past weekend. We drove up to Jackson Hole. Really pretty drive, but as soon as we got up there we walked around for a couple of minutes and got in the car; it was -10.


heidi said...

I will miss your discount, too. Thanks for all the loot. One day I will get up to Rexburg. Maybe I will call you at your job and pretend to be someone else, just to hear your receptionist voice. I miss it from the Spectrum

"Spectrum, Redondo Beach, this is Whitney, how may I direct your call?"

Treidi said...

ha ha ha!

I loved calling there to hear "sweet" whit. that was the best. what is the number at your office?

and I know rexburg will be hard but think about what the therapist said about the steps to breaking the "slot machine addiction"

1. acknowledge your addiction
2. never walk around with loose change or cash
3. move to an arctic town with no slot machines for 800 miles

kate said...

Thanks for the update :). I was sad not to see you around for the holidays...I guess that means you're an official "grown-up/married person."

And, of course, thank you for the Anthropologie discount. Alex is glad, though, that you're a receptionist now :).

Good luck up there!

Shelly said...

Whitney I got to meet your good friend Lindsay, Chelsea's sister. Rachel's new great friend. They have so much fun together. Chelsea and Lindsay picked up rachel during christmas break and had her up to their home for a few day before christmas. Rachel loves that Brown family. After hearing you worked at my favorite store I think I have convinced Rebecca to get a job their when she turns 16. Do they let 16 year olds work there? No 31 flavors or McDonld's for Becca. Glad to hear your moved in. I'm sure you'll see Rachel up there. Take care, Love, Shelly

hales said...

Whit -- "Return of the Mack" is one of my favorite songs. It's on every playlist I have. I didn't know anybody else loved it too. Yay for us!