Friday, January 30, 2009

Only at BYU-Idaho

Being on campus, I realized there are some things that I think I will experience and see at BYU-Idaho.

1. Kids walking around with arrows in their backpack. I was unaware that BYU-I was creating a legion of elves from LOTR.

2. Random girl walking outside, singing at the top of her lungs. Step aside Fräulein Maria, looks like you got some competition.

3.Unicycle boy. Some of those bikes are massive.

4. Poster in the health center "Thinking about starting a family? Then eat these vegetables."

5. Babies.

6. Pleasant employees. Charming smile, polite, enthusiastic conversation.

7. Large population of Pacific North westerners. How can I tell you may ask? Simple. Fleece, carabiner, new balance, cliff bar, and REI water bottle.

These small and simple things have only added to my joy of attending school here. You never know what you are going to see...


Boren Family said...

Haha! Only at BYU Idaho! I think I saw a few people like that in Vegas and they are called weirdos :)
Ezra misses you guys so much!

sandi said...

I can totally relate,...Hey can I add to that list of only in idaho?....When then temperature hits 40 you decide its time to bust out your bathing suit and start your tan. Spring is near :)

Shelly said...

Whitney, I like your new color on the blog backround. Someday, I need to do a remake on our Carter Blog. Hang in there on the cold. Loved your funny comments as usual on the joys of only at BYU-I. It is a special place. Rachel seems to be loving it.

Hernan said...

Welcome to BYU-Idaho! I know I shouldn't but I think I can add one other one.
It's funny to walk and see people falling because of the ice in the ground.
Ok it's NOT funny, but in a devilish way... it is.

I already happened to me so I think I am aloud to laugh.