Friday, February 15, 2008

Baking Nightmare

I would like to share an experience of my recent quest to be well rounded and girlish. I decided to follow in my mother's footsteps and make her famous sugar cookies for valentine's day. Yikes. They failed terribly. First the dough tasted too salty and did not mix well. (Just letting you know I followed the reciepe exactly) Then I baked them too long, so that they were heart shaped bricks. I considered constructing a heart house out of them with frosting; but did not follow through, thank goodnes. Well the frosting... How could I get that wrong, its on the bag. Yep, I messed that up too. I tried so hard, even put on a apron to help harness some baking powers; but alas it was in vain.

I have learned that I am the only Ghent who lacks cooking abilities. I guess that's okay. My strengths lie in other areas...
Naming celebrities
Name that tune

(Looking at this I think I might have a disablility, that I can only succeed in E channel business)

Let's just pray I can find someone that does not have taste buds.


heidi said...

I have two words for you... Are you a cooker? Maybe you should send your blog to that lady to answer her question.

Treidi said...


whitney's talents......

whitney's talents......




whitney's talents??????

Kalex said...

I read your comment on Travis' blog and thought...Wow! Whitney's blogging again! So, off I went. Maybe you created some bad baking karma by your non-blogging. Spend each day on Heidi's blog, especially reviewing her posts on baking/cooking/etc. and some of that Heidi-talent should come your way.
And remember that so-so sugar cookies are nothing compared to that salt (I think that's right)-cake your mom once made.

jacko said...

Hey Whit- I mean there is nothing wrong with having talents that are only useful for careers at E! and Us Weekly (or as Sissen prefers OK) but hey you and i would probably work together and maybe Heidi too. We will rule entertainment news!

Anonymous said...
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